Pushes plant plugs from an entire plug flat in seconds. Save time by not individually pushing plugs out of the cells. When seeding, use upside down for a tray dibbler!  Can be used as a dibbler when planting trays. 

Some trays can nest one into another. With these trays  a new tray can be uses to guide the plant tray into place over the popper pins. Place the new tray on the popper board and put the 6 grommets provided on 6 of the pins to hold the new guide tray in place.

50% poppers are the same size board but have approximately every other peg removed. This makes the force required for popping lighter, but requires you to press the tray down then turn it 180 degrees and press it down again. So two popping's for one tray. 


  • Hardwood pins - The largest size pins that will fit in the drain hole.
  • Warp, moisture, and crack resistant wood (advantech)
  • Coated only with linseed oil
  • Made in Vermont, USA!
  • Plug flats not included.

Caution: Each popper is designed for only one brand of trays.  It will not work with other brands.