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Boot Warmers:

Hi Pete, I'd seriously call them revolutionary. When my boots are cold they can be almost impossible to buckle correctly.  I even bought warmers that plug into the outlet in the car but that was not particularly effective and rather cumbersome.   Firstly, can I congratulate you on a  fab invention.  I love my boot plug deluxe so much that  I am getting for a  pair for my husband.  We are an hour drive from Killington and getting there with warm, flexible boots has made so much difference. They are a  little tricky to get in my boots at times but it seems like you have rectified this with the  punch.


I've used both the boot plugs and the boot plug deluxe.  I think that I prefer the deluxe as it does warm up the toe area as well but the regular plugs are very good too.  I've been heating up the plugs about a half hour before leaving the house in the morning so that they are in the boots about an hour before I put them on at the base of the mountain.  It's nice to have flexible and warm Langes to get into and I don't have to worry about an expensive boot warming bag getting ripped off



Coffee Racks:

Customer Photos

Just a note to say thanks for a great product! I placed the order last Thursday for a Kcup Rack 6 high by 4 wide and received it yesterday, in (another country)!  AND it was fully assembled and very well packed. Everyone in my office is impressed and we’ve deemed it the Mercedes Benz of kcup holders (I’ve purchased 3 now, the first was the equivelent of a Ford Fiesta and the second maybe a Hundai), but this piece of handywork really is impressive.

Thanks for making me look good



Hi Pete,

My new K-cup holder arrived and all I can say is WOW!  It is so practical and useful, much better than the old, bulky, disorganized system we were using.  You have a great product!



Hi Pete -

I had sent a copy of the review I posted on Amazon via the Amazon "contact seller link" but wasn't sure if it went through to you so am sending to you directly. I also ordered another of your holders yesterday. 

Congratulations to you on a great product and best of luck in your business. I must say that your note enclosed with the product is a winner. It's very clear that you care about your product, your customers and will go above and beyond to make sure people are satisfied. In a day and age where box stores rule, it's a delight to have the opportunity to buy from someone like you. Again, best of luck in your business and hope it's a wild success.



Just wanted to thank you for your care in handling our order.  Attached are pictures of the 6x6 in our office.  We switched from the big and bulky Keurig box display rack to this sleek design.  The owner was REALLY impressed. His words were ‘Now THAT’S A KITCHEN!’  :)

It fits perfectly and is easily ‘shoppable’ for everyone.  
Thank you for creating such a great product.  


Two Bad Cats,
Your rack is the neatest solution to a problem I have seen in a long time. I have a height problem however, do you have any interest in doing a custom model 3 rows high and 4 columns wide? If so, I would take two of them.


Dear Pete,

After buying a Kuerig coffee maker, I quickly realized that storage of K-cups was going to be a big nuisance.  After looking at the easily available options (turnstyle and drawer) I tried to draw up a solution that my woodworking son might be able to build for me.  In a random last-ditch search on google, I came upon a chat discussing your product.  I'm so glad I did!  I might sound like a commercial, but I really mean what I say - I have been using my K-cup holder for a couple of weeks now, and I am very happy with it!   Having so many size options allowed me to choose exactly what I needed, and I was amazed at how quickly you were able to get it to me.  The only suggestion I might make is that you work on coming up with some wood tones so it doesn't look quite so institutional, but that's pretty minor.

Congratulations on creating such an efficient storage solution!  I will definitely recommend it to friends.



Thank you for your great customer service.  We appreciate that.  Have a good one.


Farm Tools:


Damn...This is a real piece of work. I am a metal artisan who knows tools...YOU are the difference between the bull(edited) made in China and what is made here. Keep going, brothers. You make the phrase "Made in the USA" mean something.


There are different systems for marking beds for transplanting--Two Bad Cats' dibblers are great for us. It takes hardly any time to mark a whole bed, and it's ergonomically easy on our bodies. This allows for precision and efficiency, much needed on our small-scale farm. It also means that unskilled laborers or volunteers aren't estimating when they transplant.

On the farm where we apprenticed, we spent long hours using a tiny wooden dowel or pencil to pop transplants out of plastic 1020 trays. It was frustrating and time-consuming. Two Bad Cats' poppers save us a ton of time on the farm. As long as the roots are developed to the right stage, the plugs pop right out in just a few seconds. The popper has held up after being left out in the elements, and helps us to be more efficient.


We at Groundworks Farm were excited to trial some of the first versions of the Single Dibble Wheel Row Marker.  Pete at Two Bad Cats listened to our feedback, and the feedback of other farmers, and created a durable, functional, economical, and time-saving row marker.  It can accommodate any plant spacing and it works exceptionally well in black plastic as well as on bare soil.  If you transplant anything by hand on your farm, you should get this tool!  We grow 10 acres of  mixed vegetables and couldn't imagine life without this versatile and effective tool.

-Kevin Brown -Groundworks Farm -12/12

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