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Made in Vermont

When starting our business making microwavable ski boot warmers we needed a coffee maker for ourselves and guests. We chose the Keurig brewer because we wanted to have a variety of coffees available for guests. When we purchased the brewer we also purchased a sampler pack of coffee. We quickly realized that not having a display and storage rack was not a good option. We also realized that there were no K-cup racks on the market that we could put an entire sampler pack into and forget about it. Over the next few months we designed, tested, and refined many prototypes and two generations of the racks for K-cups we sell today. We finally have it right on our third generation, and have made a small quantity to see if there is a market for us to go into production.

             So where does the name come from?  In late 2008 I inherited two cats from a friend who was moving.  Moxie (AKA Slinky) is a grey short haired cat with a impressively sharp kneading habit.  Chaps (AKA Needles and The Cow)  is a white shorthaired cat with black spots who has an amazing ability to eat any quantity of food that you put in front of him.  As the cats and I have begun to understand each other they have become less “bad”. The name however, remained.  Unfortunatly Moxie passed away September 2010(car). Needles is still going strong. Thanks for reading about us.


Peter Gile


Two Bad Cats, LLC.

Two "kind of" bad cats...

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